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Our Mission

After spending a few years in the furniture industry, Mangata’s founder, Francie Lowman, had a strong desire to present an ethical, eco-friendly approach to furnishing the home. Framed by a design language that sounds in femininity, minimalism, and global design, Francie began researching a creative approach to designing a more eco-friendly home, leading to the launch of Mangata in the spring of 2020. Located in Atlanta, every Mangata piece is thoughtfully created in Francie’s design studio using eco-friendly materials, sustainable methods, and fair traded products. The home is a safe haven; Mangata’s mission is to make sure the products in your safe haven are safe for our planet and the creatures living on it.

At Mangata, we work hard to make sure that our materials are ethically sourced.

While we are not perfect, we are constantly trying out new materials and techniques to make our products as eco-friendly as possible. Here are some of the ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials and products used by Managata:

① Locally sourced, sustainably harvested wood, that is kilned in solar-powered kilns;

② Environmentally sustainable wax wood finishes;

③ Low fire, non-toxic, eco-friendy glazes that require less heat and energy when being fired, and do not release toxic chemicals during the firing process;

④ Fair trade, all organic cotton and hemp fabric and rope imported from India;

⑤ Natural vegetable dyes with no added chemicals;

⑥ Non-plated brass to avoid the dangerous, environmentally toxic plating process;

⑦ Fair trade recycled glass beads made in Ghana;

⑧ Flat pack shipping techniques that reduces the foot print of your shipped products; and biodegradable packaging products.

We care about vendors, suppliers, and craftsman.

In addition to making sure that our products are a greener option, Mangata takes pride in contributing to ensuring that everyone involved in making our products is earning a livable income. Whenever we use Atlanta contractors for certain parts of our processes, they quote their own prices based on their costs and time spent working, and are fairly compensated for their work. In addition to supporting local talent, Mangata places a high value on supporting talented craftspeople around the world, including in India and Ghana. We try to support these craftspeople by making sure our internationally-sourced supplies and materials come from companies that are fair trade certified, pay their employees fair wages, and provide safe working environments. When purchasing non-local supplies and materials, we ensure that they have a small shipping footprint to help support our eco-friendly mission. 

When purchasing a Mangata product, you can feel comfortable that you’re buying something that was thoughtfully designed and produced using materials and techniques that are safe for our planet and the people living on it.