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The Mangata Experience

Estella Ceramic Sconce


MANGATA’s lighting is like no other. Inspired by a folding fan, the tassel on this sconce doubles as a pull chain.

Frequently, manufacturers of metal components plate metals in vats of environmentally toxic chemicals that are unsafe for workers. In many countries there is little to no regulation of the disposal of these chemicals. To avoid these harmful metal plating practices, all of the metal components of MANGATA’s lighting are made from solid brass. 

Although it’s nearly impossible  to make completely eco-friendly ceramic pieces, MANGATA makes a point of making our ceramic products as eco-consciously as possible. All ceramics are made from a white stoneware clay, which is a low fire clay and requires less energy to fire in the kiln. All of our glazes are non-toxic, environmentally friendly.

MANGATA works to ensure out products are ethically sourced, in part by supporting fair trade companies. The tassel on this sconce is made from all organic cotton and hemp, obtained from a fair trade supplier in India. 

All of MANGATA’s packaging is made from recycled materials, and can be recycled again after use.


White low fire ceramic

6" Frosted glass globe

Solid Brass Metal Components

Adjustable Cloth Electrical Cord

Pull Chain with Organic Cotton/ Hemp Tassel


21" DIA

11 " Tassel Length 



Please email, if designer for designer discount code. Must show proof of certification.

Our Promise

We've spent years seeking out the best sustainable and ethical bases, solutions, materials. We were tired of the fast track so we made our own solution. We like to think of ourselves as your friend who has got your back and the planet we all live on.


We research new ways to keep all materials environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Quality Craftsmanship

Hand crafted with love by our locally sourced suppliers in the Atlanta area.


Our top priority is that all of our materials come from people who are paid livable fair wages.

  • Her Story

    Mangata's mission is to design for HER home. Using a sophisticated design language that expresses femininity in line, form, shape and texture to design for a fresh new take on the feminine esthetic, we want our customer to feel like they have a voice to style their home in a fresh new feminie way. We vow to always think outside the box.

  • Shipping

    All Mangata's products are shipped as sustainably as possible. We have spent hours of research to find the best solutions possible for shipping. We only use recycled and biodegradable materials to ship all of our products. This allows you to shop online with a guilt free conscience.

  • Guarantee

    Although we do not take returns, we promise to make sure you will be happy with your purchase. Samples are available upon  request for our larger purchase. And we have a promise to replace any lost or damaged packages.